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Regular Expression is Charles Broskoski’s debut solo exhibition at Gentili Apri, consisting almost entirely of digital prints. Broskoski uses the computer as an organizational tool to unite his otherwise multifaceted studio practice, which ranges from watercolor painting to programming experiments. The works in Regular Expression reflect the ways that medium, history and meaning can be blurred within digital space, prompting a subjective and personal renegotiation of value.

The computer-generated images depicted in the Flowers series are modeled from a selection of Robert Mapplethorpe’s photographs of the same name. After rotating, panning around and pulling back from the original compositions in the virtual environment, the final results are cropped and printed at the same dimensions as the source photographs, often revealing the boundaries of the 3D models themselves.

Each Combo collage begins as an album of cell-phone photography in iPhoto. The photos themselves document situations both quotidian and poignant: snapshots of vacant-looking law offices, watercolor experiments, computers, furniture, flowers, family life. Each album of photos is then arranged on a digital canvas alongside Photoshop paintings and shape-tweened vector symbols, resulting in a non-hierarchical overview of Broskoski’s daily life and artistic endeavors. In a similar vein, Dance Moves comprises a series of computer-generated bamboo brush paintings, the boundaries of each individual image demarcated only by the repetition of the artist’s signature across the canvas.

The base drawing for each of the Rating Variations is a unique interpretation of a rating scale, ranging from zero to five stars, presented in its entirety. Through the application of watercolor and gouache, Broskoski breaks down the inherently rigid system of measurement visually and symbolically, framing both forms of recording as personal gestures.

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Charles Broskoski
Regular Expression