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Opening: July 12 at 8.30 p.m.

In the context of Israel's 60th anniversary celebrations, the Haifa Museum of Art has chosen to present the story of art in Israel by focusing on the art of the 1980s - the fourth decade of Israeli independence. The purpose of this exhibition is to present an overview of Israeli artmaking during this decade, while singling out important artists and shedding light on this period's (1978-1988) important artistic trends and movements.

The exhibition will reflect, among other things, the first local expressions of postmodernism, pluralism, identity politics, feminism, post-colonialism, the return to the image and to painting, and an awareness of the power fields shaping artistic discourse (in the political context of the first war in Lebanon and its repercussions). The exhibition will also examine the activity of independent artists' groups such as Radius, Rega, Meimad, Zik and others, who began offering alternatives to existing artistic conventions during those years.

The decade in question was characterized by various shifts and by the burgeoning of new ideas, whose widespread examination would only crystallize during the 1990s: refugees and the relations between the first and third worlds (as given expression, for instance, in the works of Yair Garbuz), ethnicity and Middle Eastern identity (Asad Azi, Asim Abu-Shakra), gender and feminism (Pamela Levi and Diti Almog), the preoccupation with the Holocaust (Haim Maor, Moshe Gershuni, Yocheved Weinfeld) and other themes.

This exhibition is part of the project "60 Years of Israeli Art," a project sponsored by the Culture Department at the Ministry of Science, Culture and Sport; it is also supported by the national headquarters responsible for Israel's 60th anniversary celebrations, the Beracha Foundation and the Center for Library Education.

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The 1980s in Israeli Art
Kurator: Ilana Tenenbaum

Künstler: Yair Garbuz, Asad Azi, Asim Abu-Shakra, Pamela Levi, Diti Almog, Haim Maor, Moshe Gershuni, Yocheved Weinfeld, Radius , Rega , Meimad , Zik  ...