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In Chess Eva Berendes and Florian Baudrexel focus on the relation between the individual works they present and the traditional format of exhibition display. Equal attention is given to the presentation and to the actual work, so that the support-character of the staging devices is turned on its head to a point that diffuses what is sculpture and what is architecture/plinth. The sculptures, pictures and reliefs are, though different, very closely related to each other. Materials and shapes interact in various ways creating a sense of transition between the exhibition space and the work. The shelf-like plinth of Florian Baudrexel’s wall sculpture ‘G-Heit’ has a styro-relief incorporated in it, which doubles as an overarching display for the inlaid collage and painting below it. Similarly, in Eva Berendes’ bamboo sculpture ‘Untitled (la dame)’ a layered pedestal or curtain behind a sculpture are both modes of display that are integrated into the fabric of the works themselves as well as the atmosphere of the room. The sense of transition between the space and the work is also evoked through details such as the transparency of Berendes’ screen ‘Untitled(silver and gold)’, or Baudrexel’s sculpture ‘At-Let’, which moves through the window to the exterior of the gallery.

Both artists work shifts between the two and three-dimensional, referencing a history of abstraction, bare shapes have the potential to mutate into figures and to turn geometry into a motif. The organic artistic process maneuvers the objects through a series of references and towards new possibilities of exploring the language of sculpture. The title Chess reflects a duel dynamic. There is an interplay between the two artists, within which the sculptures themselves are positioned in confrontation as well as dialogue. It also alludes to stylistic phenomena, known from interiors and accessories of the 80’s that have crudely incorporated formal aspects of the art deco tradition.

Eva Berendes and Florian Baudrexel first exhibited together at ‘Adeline Morlon Art Direction’, Düsseldorf,a non-profit space established by Alex Jasch, Jens Ulrich and Florian Baudrexel. The exhibition Chess is in a sense a kind of re-match or re-positioning of that initial show.

Eva Berendes has recently exhibited at Doggerfisher, Edinburgh, Galerie Jacky Strenz, Frankfurt, Arndt & Partner, Berlin, The Project Arts Center, Dublin and Center, Berlin. She is represented by Ancient & Modern, London.

Florian Baudrexel has recently presented his works amongst others at Arndt & Partner, Zurich, Museum Abteiberg Mönchengladbach, Platform Garanti Contemporary Art Center Istanbul, Galerie Jesco von Puttkamer, Berlin and Wilhelm-Hack-Museum Ludwigshafen. He is represented Arndt & Partner, Berlin / Zürich.

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Eva Berendes - Florian Baudrexel