press release

CHICKS ON SPEED are avant-garde artists. Everything they say and do how they live and breathe is avant-garde art. Provocative, subversive and interactive - with great ingenuity and creativity they merge the boundaries of art, music, poetry, new media and politics.

Today’s data can be chaotic, beautiful and dangerous, it can also be knotted, unpredictable and slow. By combining artistic and scientific experiments, CHICKS ON SPEED present new sets of data at their exhibition DATASTRAVAGANZA, combining hi-tech/no-tech, slow craft processes, painting, patchwork, rapid prototyping, ‘objectinstruments’, wearable computing and e-textiles. The exhibition includes ubiquitous and tangible objects visualizing and sonifying data into a giant “data footprint”.

Parallel to the opening of the exhibition DATASTRAVAGANZA in the gallery 401contemporary the collective invites to an ‘artformance’ on December 6 into Radialsystem Berlin, where they will develop the song WIR SIND DATEN (We are data) into the leading theme of the evening.

Tickets for the Artformance WIR SIND DATEN: Dress code: Dancing Shoes

We look forward to welcoming you to both, the Opening on 6 December at 6 pm and the Artformance at 10 pm