press release only in german

Children Power
May 19–December 19, 2021

An exhibition forbidden to visitors over 18.*

Michel Blazy, Anne Bourse, Ulla von Brandenburg, Monster Chetwynd, Keren Cytter, Daniel Dewar & Grégory Gicquel, Bertrand Dezoteux, David Douard, Richard Fauguet, Ryan Gander, Jonathan Martin, Anouchka Oler-Nussbaum, Pierre Paulin, Jean-Charles de Quillacq, Tursic & Mille
Exhibition curator: Xavier Franceschi

Can you imagine a space, an exhibition that is entirely dedicated to children? Is it possible to contemplate works of art that are aimed exclusively at children and adolescents?

This is the task for this part of Children Power: adults are banned from the exhibition* and the artists that feature in the exhibition were invited to produce new pieces that take this specific context into account. Beyond the reversal of restrictions to which we are accustomed, this is an extremely radical way of asserting the central role that children and adolescents play in the project.

Films and videos reworking in a unique way the world of childhood, original conceptual games, a “clubbing” space for teenagers, opportunities for social media engagement, etc. the invited artists play with established conventions for outstanding works. In addition, children, now more than ever at the heart of the project, have reworked and been involved in the range of media tools and the programme around the exhibition—publication, events, meetings, etc.

*Accessible to adults accompanied by a child under 18.