press release

Kaiser Wilhelm Museum

Danish artist Christian Falsnaes (b. 1980 Copenhagen) belongs to a new generation of artists whose performance-based, participatory approach has been attracting international attention. For the first time, this radical artist’s work is the subject of a major museum survey show. Falsnaes creates scenarios, game forms and settings that directly associate and implicate the public. Through his work, which often evolves during the course of his exhibitions, he examines the mechanics of power and obedience. To what extent are instructions followed? When are boundaries transgressed? For his exhibition in Krefeld, Falsnaes will create a constellation of interactive spaces, including two new, major commissions. The artist will regularly be present in order to execute the actions with visitors, in the very museum where 50 years earlier Joseph Beuys developed one of his most seminal, performative works Kunst = Mensch.