press release

Christiana Soulou’s first solo show at Sadie Coles HQ comprises a recent series of her deceptively delicate drawings. While drawing has recently experienced a renewed importance in the art world as a primary rather than a secondary medium, for Soulou it has always been an exquisite end in itself. The title of the show, inspired by an Emily Dickinson Poem, is evocative of both Soulou’s strong literary grounding as well as her fascination with the enigma of death. Born of her hazy obsessions and focusing on the human body, Soulou’s activity is investigative, diagrammatic, at times bordering on the anatomical. With bones made visible, faces disappearing, and limbs silently absent, her intoxicating images regularly lead the viewer to lay personal claim to the visions they perceive.

Christiana Soulou
This dust was ladies and gentlemen
35 Heddon Street, London