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“Photography is the easiest medium, in that someone can be competent. It is extraordinary difficult to find a special personal vision. In this regard photography is the most difficult illustration medium.” (Close in an interview from 1990)

With his trained “painter’s eye” Close manages to introduce the painting into the photographic medium in an incomparable way. The working process starts with the consciousness of the indirect reality of the photography. The artist, who was born in Monroe 1940, changes his work radically at the Yale University in the ‘60s on the subject of the abstract expressionism. He starts to make photorealistic, larger than life-sized portraits of his family and friends with a Polaroid camera and transfers them onto a canvas, raster screened, with colours or in grey scale. Close becomes a co-founder of the photorealism. The artist continues to use oldest photographical techniques like the daguerreotype, which was developed in the 19th century already.

Chuck Close takes part in the Documenta V (1972), Documenta VI (1977), Kassel, and is represented in the most important museums worldwide.

The gallery white8/VIENNA shows works by Chuck Close based on photographs. Videos in addition offer a better insight and understanding of the working procedure.

Dagmar Aichholzer

Chuck Close
Fictional and Actual Reality