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Irish artist Ciarán Lennon (b. 1947) is a renewer of abstract painting, doing paintings about opening your eyes and your senses. Lennon paints on found materials such as copper, wood, paper, marble or canvas. The paint is like drapes on the surface, applied in liquid layers. The exhibition will be created especially for ARKEN’s Graphics Gallery and will show brand new paintings from his studio: series of small paintings which he calls Arbitrary Colour Collections. They are inspired by the changing hues of the water in the river Camac which today runs beneath the streets of southern Dublin but centuries ago was surrounded by water mills, paper factories and textile industries that dyed fabrics in the water. The here and now experience of sensuous colours and materials thus carries with it a dreamlike and inaccessible past. Ciarán Lennon is one of Ireland’s most acclaimed artists. Born and raised in Dublin where he still lives and works, he is inspired by an intimate knowledge of the city’s locations and ambience, past and present. Pressetext

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Ciarán Lennon