press release

Circular Flow
On the Economy of Inequality
December 7, 2019 – May 3, 2020

What ethical, social and political consequences does the ongoing economization of all aspects of life mean for our individual and collective life? To what extent has subjectivity itself become an economic constellation?

The imperative of international competitiveness as a consequence of global capitalism, which applies equally to companies and states, now dictates the conditions of labor and production everywhere. In this context, the exhibition focuses on the relationship between colonialism, early economic globalization, and the establishment of power relations and worldwide inequality. In the process, various interrelations are pursued that, parallel to the worldwide value creation cycles, concern the circulation of goods, people, lifestyles, services and cultural forms between different political systems, geographies and histories.

In the exhibition, economy is also understood as a system that shapes our perception and communication of reality and continuously generates our own images and forms of speech. One concern of the project is to oppose the diagrammatic and model-like perspective with which the economy looks at the world with other types of images. They reflect the principles of the economic and problematize both the concept and the real conditions of „unlimited“ growth.