press release

Chisenhale Gallery presents new paintings by London-based artist Clare Woods, in her first major exhibition in a UK public gallery.

For Deaf Man’s House, Woods’ will make three large-scale paintings, nine feet high and between twenty and thirty six feet long, using household gloss and oil paint on aluminium. The paintings will fill the entire gallery walls so that viewers become physically enveloped in the reflective surfaces of the works.

Just as Woods’ visual language shifts between representation and abstraction, she is also interested in how her paintings take on sculptural qualities when realised at this scale within Chisenhale Gallery, so that viewers cannot perceive the surface of the work in one take.

Her work is derived from photographs shot at night of supernaturally charged rural places. These locations, devoid of any particular focus, are places of possible significance. Symbolic landscapes, humanised through emotions embedded within them – alluding to pagan and folk traditions, giving a dark hue to any romantic visions of nature.

Wood’s paintings are often intimate, desolate and indeterminable, depicting complex and ambiguous spaces, while foregrounding formal qualities that employ both control and chance. These abstract paintings offer many possible readings of the forms they contain, operating like a series of Rorschach ink-blots open to interpretation.


Clare Woods
Deaf Man’s House