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After a period of closure for building works The Hugh Lane is very pleased to re-open with a temporary exhibition programme beginning with Clarke and McDevitt Present and followed by Pallas Offside, both exhibitions where the Head of Exhibition, Christina Kennedy has invited collaboration with artists in the curation of its temporary exhibitions programme. This programme deliberately underpins the Gallery’s role in the presentation of contemporary art practice in Dublin.

CLARKE & MCDEVITT PRESENT : Matt Calderwood, Björn Dahlem, Sophie von Hellermann, Ian Kiaer, Cornelius Quabeck

“The Hugh Lane Gallery has invited Declan Clarke and Paul McDevitt to curate an exhibition in response to the formal gallery spaces, as well as our renowned collection, including the Francis Bacon Studio. The artists they have brought together and who will all show in Ireland for the first time are Björn Dahlem, Sophie von Hellermann, Ian Kiaer, Cornelius Quabeck and Matt Calderwood. The Francis Bacon Studio is a highly original museum installation and an innovative interrogation into the process of making art. In this spirit, these artists will each be presented with a gallery space where they will make new work on site”, says Christina Kennedy, Head of Exhibitions.

Sophie von Hellermann will paint a number of very large canvases on site. Continuing his fascination with cosmology Björn Dahlem will create a piece called Hyper-psyche which will incorporate a video invoking a number of works from the Collection. Cornelius Quabeck will create a number of wall-sized charcoal drawings made on batiked canvas which will be a mixed homage to the Irish rock musician Rory Gallagher and which will reference a Hugh Lane work. Ian Kiaer will work in response to Japanese Switzerland by John Lavery. Matt Calderwood will create a video installation giving the illusion of the No 5 gallery as a physical obstacle on his way to some unknown destination.

After installation, the exhibition will be photographed and documented in a publication which will include a critical response by Jens Hoffmann, Exhibitions Director of ICA London.

As well as exhibiting their own work Clarke & McDevitt have organised exhibitions over the past 5 years, including The Armchair Project in Cinch (2000), London, and Play it as it Lays – 17 artists from Los Angeles, at the London Institute, (2002). Earlier this year the Hugh Lane co-commissioned with Project Arts Centre the installation Tischtennistisch by Clarke & McDevitt on O’Connell Street as part of the exhibition Communism.


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Clarke and McDevitt Present:

Matt Calderwood, Björn Dahlem, Sophie von Hellermann, Ian Kiaer, Cornelius Quabeck