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Clément Cogitore
from May 11th to October 22rd 2019

During 2019 Summer, on the occasion of cinema Season driven by Nice City to celebrate the 100th anniversary of La Victorine movie studios, Marc Chagall national Museum will invite a young artist, Clément Cogitore, whose work is created between contemporary art and cinema.

« Artist AND movie maker » according to Dominique Païni's quotation, Clément Cogitore introduces himself as a stage director : his singular look on the current world is embodied in his pratice of cinema, photography, installation making and soon in opera staging.

Born in 1983 at Colmar city (in Alsace, East of France), Clément Cogitore lives and works between Paris and Strasbourg. After studying in Arts & Crafts High School of Strasbourg and then in national Studio of contemporary arts-Le Fresnoy, Clément Cogitore develops a midway artistic practice between contemporary art and movie making. He asks in his work the coexistence terms between human beings and their own pictures. Most of time in it this is about rituals, collective memory, figuration of sacred and also a some idea of worlds permeability.

Clément Cogitore is Marcel Duchamp Prize 2018 winner.

Curator Anne Dopffer, General curator and Director of the Musées Nationaux of XXthof the Alpes-Maritimes museums, in collaboration withGaïdig Lemarié, head of cultural partnerships.