press release

Opening Thursday 6 March h 19,00

francesca kaufmann is proud to present Cohabitation: 13 artists and collage. The exhibition groups together works by Italian and international artists that delineate a panorama constructed through cuts, recontextualizations and overlaps from the 1960s to the present. Collage induces the cohabitation of distinct elements that is not just a combination of heterogeneous parts but a dialectic of conflicting interactions. The selected artists utilize collage to reveal essential elements of human experience: physical states, mnemonic connections, and models of interpreting reality. The recomposition of preexisting fragments evokes strata of hidden meaning. More suggested than outwardly declared, these connotations conjure up analogies and narratives that the spectator must activate.

The collages are connected by the desire to investigate reality through the juxtaposition of dissonant elements, thereby creating friction between various signifiers. Artists like Candice Breitz, Linder, Maggie Cardelùs, John Stezaker, Frances Stark and Lorna Macintyre concentrate their research to explorations in human physiognomy that becomes an empirical method of experimentation, revealing interpretive models with political, sociological and psychoanalytic overtones. Faces and bodies are dissected and recomposed in order engender harmony or dissonance.

David Maljkovic, Nicole Wermers, Pae White, Maggie Cardelùs, Goshka Macuga and, in a more abstract manner, Lecia Dole-Recio, interpret collage as a tool for the analysis of physical space, reuniting themselves with the historic tradition of collage in architectonic design and the projection of futuristic environments, a process which in some cases suggests ideas of utopia. Carlo Mollino and Riccardo Moncalvo’s collages from the 1960’s are testimony to these more functional roots of collage, yet seem inspired by an artistic intent rather than a purely practical one.

In a time in which the media hoards images through continuous superimpositions that are homogenized in their accumulation, the collages presented at francesca kaufman carry out an opposing strategy, redirecting the disassociated plurality into a form of coexistence, thereby producing a dense system of signifiers, psychological landscapes and traces of memory.

Cohabitation: 13 artists and collage

Künstler: Candice Breitz, Maggie Cardelus, Linder Sterling, Lorna Macintyre, Goshka Macuga, David Maljkovic, Carlo Mollino, Riccardo Moncalvo, Lecia Dole-Recio, Frances Stark, John Stezaker, Nicole Wermers, Pae White