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Wyspa Progress Foundation invites. Fourth time in history at Modelarnia - the artists' cooperative with no heating system in former Gdansk Shipyard - the artists gather for an event The Cold.

The Cold encounters low indoor and outdoor temperatures with the hot atmosphere of risky, experimental and provocative artworks, actions, performances, concerts and video screenings. The Cold is a response toward cold climate around contemporary art and artists in the country, and overwhelming lack of the direct and authentic experience of art. The Cold chills and warms-up your mind, feeds and starves you, cheers and hurts. Join the artists from Gdansk and their foreign guests.

The Participants of The Cold 4: Angelika Fojtuch & Johannes Deimling (Germany) Gellaturo Mateusz Pek Hiwa K. (Iraq/Germany) Dominika Skutnik Ania Jedrzejczak Tomasz Kopcewicz Grzegorz Klaman + Ola Golab Ola Sawik Ania Orbaczewska Joanna Maltanska Kuba Bielawski Alina Zemojdzin Magda Dloniak Ela Nowaczyk Honorata Martin Igor Duszynski Kordian Lewandowski + bar + music

Entrance through the Gate 3 of Gdansk Shipyard. Please sign-up in advance by sending email: or sms to Grzegorz Klaman -501240160. You better take some warm clothing.

only in german

COLD 4 - The extreme art and performance event

Angelika Fojtuch & Johannes Deimling, Gellaturo, Mateusz Pek, Hiwa K. , Dominika Skutnik, Ania Jedrzejczak, Tomasz Kopcewicz, Grzegorz Klaman & Ola Golab, Ola Sawik, Ania Orbaczewska, Joanna Maltanska, Kuba Bielawski, Alina Zemojdzin, Magda Dloniak, Ela Nowaczyk, Honorata Martin, Igor Duszynski, Kordian Lewandowski