press release

OMMA 07 Peter Liversidge A gin stand offering visitors an original etched glass; a giant floral tribute; a piano recital; candles emitting the smell of freshly cut grass; wildflower seeds scattered across the grassy squares of London are among the original proposals Liversidge will realise for Bloomberg SPACE. Other proposals, from the 86 originally submitted, are unrealised but live within the imagination of the audience. Some are poetic, some are performative and some unfeasibly fantastic, yet all share a generosity of spirit characteristic of Liversidge.

COMMA 08 DJ Simpson In response to COMMA, DJ Simpson will extend his practice, producing for the first time a wallpaper which will encase the rear gallery, punctuated by 18 of his signature mirrored routed works. The artisan wallpaper uses a repeating pattern of spirals to a dramatic effect creating at times an almost domestic space within the Modernist atrium of the office block. Simpson's new body of paintings commissioned for Bloomberg SPACE are partially mirrored and routed from both back and front to create both reflective and transparent areas alongside details of the traces of the machine.

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COMMA 07 Peter Liversidge

COMMA 08 DJ Simpson