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The exhibition Common Identity? is a part of the international project Heritage, Identity and Communication in European Contemporary Art Practices. Common Identities? and it seeks to reflect these issues through various media and artistic strategies trying to answer whether being part of the European Union justifies claims to possess common European identity and whether there is any common European identity as nationalism in many European countries gradually grows also in connection with the unstable current economic climate and a threat of bankrupt of some European countries. Artists from Eastern and Western part of Europe will by means of their works try to answer these questions and express their own attitudes and opinions.

curated by: Lydia Pribisova and Katarina Slaninova

artists: Alterazioni video /IT/, Raffaella Crispino /IT/, Goldiechiari /IT/, Ibro Hasanovic /BiH/, Kassaboys /SK/, Michal Moravcik /SK/, Tomas Rafa /SK/, Rafani /CZ/, Kamen Stoyanov /BG/ Nikola Uzunovski /MK/, Anna Witt /AT/

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Common Identity?
Kuratoren: Lydia Pribisova, Katarina Slaninova

Künstler: Alterazioni Video , Raffaella Crispino, Goldi e Chiari , Ibro Hasanovic, Kassaboys , Michal Moravcik, Tomas Rafa, Rafani , Kamen Stoyanov, Nikola Uzunovski, Anna Witt.