press release

Hi Amanda & Anthony,

Thanks for the invite, April 16th is fine. I’ve spoken to the artist and they’re all able to do it.

We’ve decided to call the show “Reset Your Life” This came from a conversation I was having with one of the artist, she made the curious comment on working from the position of having just pressed the reset button. Like a crashed video game where you’re left with nothing, with no choice but to either abandon the game completely or start again from scratch. In her case, the reset button doesn't seem like a way of forgetting the point she has reached in the game but rather, one that affords her an opportunity to do the same thing over - only differently this time. Pressing reset gives her a chance to get rid of the baggage of the past and do everything as if it were the first time. It reminded me of something Dorothy said a long time ago. I'd planned a trip to Germany to see a show and was going to stop off for a performance by Lung Leg. I messed up, forgot to set the alarm and ended up missing the flight. At the time, a ratherannoyed Dorothy quipped "I should reset my life instead of worrying about the clock." I don't know why, but the idea of resetting a life has always stuck with me. Anyway that was in Germany and we should not forget Cologne's motto 'make your own life.'

So kind of thinking of De Land’s idea that we should extend the visual time for a work for as long as possible - instead of cutting it short with explanatory notes. So actually maybe we don't need a press release, use this email instead?

Hope all is well



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Concrete Gallery
Reset Your Life

Künstler: Nicolas Ceccaldi, Manuela Gernedel, Morag Keil, Fiona Mackay, Anna McCarthy