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After half a century of predominant abstraction, contemporary artists representing a wide spectrum of styles and ideological emphases are painting the human figure again. Influenced by sexual politics, race, and identity issues, as well as by theoretical concerns pertaining to art of the recent past, the three artists in this exhibition offer vivid and highly distinctive images of the human presence. Three works by three internationally renowned painters—Marlene Dumas, Gary Hume, and Nicola Tyson—demonstrate disparate interpretive strategies for depicting the figure. Dumas's unmistakably forceful personae often refer to her native South Africa; Hume's imagery is derived from Pop Art and a delight in gorgeous, explosive color; while Tyson pursues a more personal and psychological mode of figuration. Art Now: Confronting Figures is the fourth installation in this ongoing exhibition series that brings contemporary art in a variety of media to the Middlebury campus.

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Art Now:
Confronting Figures

mit Marlene Dumas, Gary Hume, Nicola Tyson