press release

Conny Blom - Kill the Poor
(Letter to the Swedish Middle Class)
Text, video loops with images of planned luxury villas.

22.02.2020 - 22.03.2020
Vernissage: 22.02.2020 12:00-16:00

The economic elite decided the fate of billions of people already in the 1970's when they chose to ignore the findings of the Club of Rome and even the fossil fuel giant Exxon's own research. When it became evident that the planet could not sustain continued ruthless exploitation, greed was put before human life and resources went into disproving the studies and spreading disinformation rather than into finding solutions to the rising problems.

Now the 1% are looking into escape plans (as stopping the climate crises will still not yield immediate financial results, visible already in the next quarterly report). While some are investing in floating gated communities, many are ordering luxury bunkers and having them transported from manufacturers in Texas to the remote New Zeeland highland, far from all imminent crisis zones.

How afraid should we be when learning that only the company Rising S has delivered 35 bunker systems to foreign 1% settlers in New Zeeland?*

The work Plan B consists of a series of digital drawings of floor plans of the actual, commercially available, luxury bunker models that have been installed in the New Zeeland highlands (bunkers complete with underground swimming pools, bowling alleys, gun ranges etc), and an advertisement video marketing New Zeeland as the country of the future.