press release

The retrospective of contemporary art in Koroška is based on the public call to artists to submit their works or outline proposals for projects they wish to present. The call was not based on a certain theme, medium or generation; hence, many artists were able to respond with a range of works produced in the last few years in a specific geographic and cultural field. Media diversity and formal technical perfection as well as the treatment of several universal and topical present-day themes are prominent in the exhibition. The artists share ideas about the construction of visual field, the position of painting, and the contemporary role of visual production. They respond to the stimuli from the environment and they recount intimate narratives about the space and the time in which they live. They explore the characteristics of contemporary information society and the impact of contemporary technology on our everyday life. The true value of the exhibition is revealed in the possibility to compare the exhibited projects and to analyse specific content clusters, which bring the artists together despite the diversity of their works and their geographic dispersal.