press release

A group exhibition dedicated to the art of contemporary printmaking, seen through the work of eight artists who live and work in Athens, Greece: Zacharias Arvanitis, Kati Mahrt, Constantinos Papamichalopoulos, Miltiades Petalas, Despina Kotalakidou, Florence Christakis, Akis Pirounidis and Nikos Stavrakantonakis. This exhibition is organized in collaboration with the Athens School of Fine Arts (curator: Michalis Arfaras, director of the Printmaking department) and the Culture, Sports and Youth Organization of the City of Athens.

“This exhibition constitutes a tribute to the handmade relief print, the true mother of the imprint processes and the magic woven by this old but yet so modern artistic expression” notes the curator Michalis Arfaras. “In the beginning of the 21st century, when electronic printing replaced the conventional printing techniques, the relief print made by hand returned, irrevocably, to the artists’ studios. Thus the printed image underwent a renaissance as an authentic form of artistic creation. Contemporary artists use the various printmaking methods and techniques of expression to create original works that often exist in a very small number of copies or are unique”.