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D´Amelio Terras is pleased to present an exhibition of new artworks by British artist Cornelia Parker. It will be her first New York solo exhibition in five years. She will present works related to the gravity and the reversal of destiny, both central themes in her recent work.

Parker will present Subconscious of a Monument, an installation that consists of suspended lumps of soil removed from beneath the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Engineers excavated the earth in their efforts to prevent the monument’s collapse. In a levitating reference to Walter De Maria’s New York Earth Room, the dried clay is suspended from the ceiling by wires, hovering as if it has just filtered through the gallery floor. Another new work also features items exhumed from the earth. These lost objects were dug up by hobbysts and amateur archeaologists armed with metal detectors from sites across the US and UK. They are evocative rather than valuable, emblematic rather than rare. The project, whose working title is Found in Britain: Lost in America, Found in America: Lost in Britain, extends far beyond the gallery walls, as each object is to be reburied on the opposite side of the Atlantic. What is left to the viewer is documentation of a moment in their journey—their brief time above ground—as the objects may never be found again.

Parker reverses archaelogical convention by preserving the earth rather than objects excavated from it. That which was lost by accident, then found, is lost again on purpose. Whether meaning is embedded in the material or derived from her transformations, the resultant objects juxtapose formal beauty with lyrical import.

Cornelia Parker was born in 1956 in Cheshire, England. She lives and works in London. A 1997 Turner Prize nominee, she has held recent solo exhibitions at Frith Street Gallery, London; Galleria Civica D’Arte Moderna (GAM), Turin; and the Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, which traveled to the Chicago Arts Club and the Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia. Parker was included in Days Like These: 2003 Tate Triennial in London, and later this year will present a solo exhibition at Guy Bartschi in Geneva, Switzerland. Pressetext

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Cornelia Parker: NEW WORK