press release


August 15th - September 19th, 2020

Gaga, Los Angeles presents:

Cosima von Bonin HETERO

August 15th–September19th, 2020

Gaga is pleased to present HETERO, the secondexhibitionofCosima von Boninat GAGA, first in our LA location.As it wasthe case with Shit and Chanel, HETERO is the result of anexpansiveWhatsApp dialoguebetweenthe artist and thegallerists.Thistime, unlike the last, eventhe install was done through video calls.This year plans have changed foreveryone, we have had to change dates and locations for this show twice andthe artist could not make her way to Los Angeles. But maybe the show has embedded in it the traces of this moment, marked by remote working and new socializing modes.We can’t avoid missing her physical presence. But who knows, by being presentin every decision and detail in the show, we have the feeling that we can hear herlaugh and maybe find her in this gingerbread house for adult Hansels and Gretels.

As one walks into the gallery, the first thing we encounter is LOVE/HATE behind which hides a secret (furtive) smoker lounge that serves as ananteroomto an amusement parkof hard to decipher amusements. We do not know if we are entering the house of horrors or a fun house. Probably none of the above or both at the same time: the house ofmirrors where we see the deformed and therefore an even more precise reflection of the adult children we are. Fragile and shy like the characters we see in the show, but voracious,seducedand fascinated by the gingerbread house that has its real place in our subconscious. And just like that the installation unfolds emphasizing the back side of the works which become just as important, or even more important, than the front side for those who like to see ́the other side of things ́. Screens createcrushing spaces. Fences make sure we keep our distance but at the same time invite us in.

More than a script (discourse, meaning or slogan) Cosima has elaborated on a color palette, worthy of the most exquisite interior decorator, theperfect set for our interior and themise-en-scene of our most shameful desires and nightmares.

Herenothing is what it seems which could be said in another way; that a rose is not a rose is not a rose. Front / back, love / hate, more than opposites in tension, binaryposed or confronted, the work seems toembrace kindly thecontradictions andeverything in between. Hetero? Heterosexual or Heterodox?A rose is not a rose but sometimes a rose that is not a rose could also be a rose.

Flags that are not banners but axes, axes that are notweapons but toys, toys that are words, and wordsthat are sculptures. Sculptures that become fences and fences that become hashtags.Hashtagsthat are not trending, nor proposing any slogan, but some tarot card of ambiguous significance, radical surfaces that work as a screen where we project. Magicmirrors.

Luis Felipe Fabre, Mexico DF 15 de Agosto 2020
Fernando Mesta Los Angeles, August 2020