press release

Costantino Ciervo: Touchable/Untouchable
Exhibition: September 24 - November 20, 2022
Opening: Sept. 23, 2022; 7:00 pm. Free admission.
Wed-Sun, 1-6pm

The museum FLUXUS+ continuously accompanies the artistic work of multimedia artist Costantino Ciervo and presents his new 10-channel video installation in the fall of 2022. The artwork, unique in its genre, makes use of the most current technologies of programming. It allows, through the app "Send Protest" (also developed by the artist) and the use of touch screens, activists and users from all over the world and the exhibition audience to interact directly and physically. At the same time, a new concept of art is realized here, whose content materializes through the active participation of individuals in the critical thoughts of the multitude.