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Criss-Cross brings together traditional film, documentary film and the visual arts focusing on a cinematographic language that stems across these fields. Criss-Cross thus highlights the interconnections between the worlds of cinema and the visual arts. It focuses on the Nordic and Baltic scene and included 44 films by 42 artists and film directors. It consists of 5 thematic programmes combining visual art films and videos, film documentaries and fiction:

Programme 1: Family/Domestic - Programme 2: Identity/Portrait - Programme 3: Social-Political Programme 4: Urban Situation/Utopian Modernism - Programme 5: Film on Film

The first programme, “Family/Domestic,” is about the importance of the private, personal sphere as a source of images of all kinds. The second, “Identity/Portrait,” considers the question of the representation of the body and the individual’s shifting position in society. The third, “Social-Political” focuses on the present and past state of the world, and the way filmmakers, artists and documentary makers respond to its chaos. The fourth, “Urban Situation/Utopian Modernism,” questions the notions of space, architecture, design and, more generally, environment. The fifth, “Film on Film” presents the different ways of thinking about images and their history, vertiginously exploring the limits of true and false. All reflect our actual experience of images and transgress the customary frontiers, not to create new ones but to capture the complexity and movement of a universe where trans-border exchanges have become the defining principle.

The participating artists and films directors are as follows: David Aronowitsch & Hanna Heilborn & Mats Johansson (SE); Knut Åsdam (NO); Petra Bauer (SE); Even Benestad (NO); Johanna Billing (SE); Kristine Briede (LV); Kajsa Dahlberg (SE); Annika Eriksson (SE); Matias Faldbakken (NO); Pernille Fischer Christensen (DK), Carl Johan De Geer (SE), Peter Geschwind (SE); Morten Giese (DK); Veli Granö (FI); Hrabba Gunnarsdóttir & Tina Naccache (IS); Mats Hjelm (SE); Gun Holmström (FI); Laura Horelli (FI); Jens Jonsson (SE); Andrea Lange (NO); PV Lehtinen (FI); Jørgen Leth & Lars von Trier (DK); Gintaras Makarevicius (LT); Laurits Munch-Petersen (DK); Babak Najafi (SE); Stefan Otto (SE); Marko Raat (EE); Arturas Raila (LT); Egle Rakauskaite (LT); Aurora Reinhard (FI); Mika Ronkainen (FI); Pia Rönicke (DK); Anri Rulkov (EE); Annika Ström (SE); Jannicke Systad Jacobsen (NO); Mika Taanila (FI); Michel Wenzer (SE); Ulrik Wivel (DK)

Selectors: Thierry Jousse, Åsa Nacking, Cristina Ricupero, Mats Stjernstedt & Cilla Werning.

Criss-Cross is touring internationally until the end of 2006. Next planned screenings: Maison du Danemark, Paris, Janvier 2006 Västerås Konstmuseum, Västerå, February-March 2006

All the 5 programmes are available on DVD and accompanied by brochure.


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NIFCA, Helsinki:
Criss-Cross - Screenings

mit David Aronowitsch & Hanna Heilborn & Mats Johansson, Knut Asdam, Petra Bauer, Even Benestad, Johanna Billing, Kristine Briede, Kajsa Dahlberg, Annika Eriksson, Matias Faldbakken, Pernille Fischer Christensen, Carl Johan De Geer, Peter Geschwind, Morten Giese, Veli Granö, Hrabba Gunnarsdottir & Tina Naccache, Mats Hjelm, Gun Holmström, Laura Horelli, Jens Jonsson, Andrea Lange, PV Lehtinen, Jorgen Leth & Lars von Trier, Gintaras Makarevicius, Laurits Munch-Petersen, Babak Najafi, Stefan Otto, Marko Raat, Arturas Raila, Egle Rakauskaite, Aurora Reinhard, Mika Ronkainen, Pia Rönicke, Anri Rulkov, Annika Ström, Jannicke Systad Jacobsen, Mika Taanila, Michel Wenzer, Ulrik Wivel

Selectors: Thierry Jousse, Asa Nacking, Cristina Ricupero, Mats Stjernstedt & Cilla Werning

12.11.05 - 20.11.05 Nordens Hus, Reykjavik
12.01.06 - 15.01.06 Maison du Danemark, Paris
Februar 2006 Västeras Konstmuseum, Västeras