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This second, and last, part of the exhibition re-proposes investigations on the relationship between filmic time and photographic time, focusing on the historical period following the one presented in the first part. The works on show have been produced between the mid eighties and 2008.

Exhibiting artists belong to two different generations and come from different educational backgrounds. Nevertheless, they have all experimented, in a more or less exclusive manner, forms of time-based art, coming upon photographic culture and temporal suspension during their investigations.

The exhibition path starts off from the relationship between documentary films and photography with two works by Jem Cohen and T.J. Wilcox, while Harun Farocki's film picks up on Debord and Baldessari's analysis on the social and political aspects of photography. Works by Simon Starling, Jimmie Durham and Cyprien Gaillard introduce the subject of entropy and of the Western teleological time matrix in the relationship between still image and filmic flow. David Claerbout embarks on a voyeuristic relationship with film and photography that echoes Barthes' punctum, while Robin Rhode's work, at the end of the path, leads every possible still image analysis back to the harmony of animation, a combination of music and dance.

Works on show

Jem Cohen, This is a Story of New York, 22', black and white, audio,1987, shot on 35mm film.

T.J. Wilcox, Garland 5, 6' 49", black and white, silent, 2005, 16mm film.

Cyprien Gaillard, Real Remnants of Fictive Wars V*, 2004, 7', colour, silent, 2004, video.

Jimmie Durham, A Kinetic Sculpture in two dimensions*, 2006, 37", colour, audio, 2006, video.

Simon Starling, Autoxylocyclopyrobos, 2006 *, colour, silent, carousel of 36 colour slides.

Harun Farocki, Images of the World and the Inscription of War, 1988, 75', colour, audio, 16mm.

David Claerbout, Untitled/Retrospection, 2000, endless loop, black and white, audio, video.

Robin Rhode, Promenade, 2008, 5', black and white, music by Arenor Anuku, video animation.

* New GAM acquisition, first time on show to the public.

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Kurator: Elena Volpato

Künstler: Jem Cohen, T.J. Wilcox, Harun Farocki, Simon Starling, Jimmie Durham, Cyprien Gaillard, David Claerbout, Robin Rhode