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Dada is organized by the National Gallery of Art, Washington, and the Centre Pompidou, Paris, in collaboration with The Museum of Modern Art, New York, and is coordinated at MoMA by Anne Umland, Curator, Department of Painting and Sculpture.

This major museum exhibition, which premiered at the National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C., is the first in the United States to focus exclusively on Dada, one of the most influential avant-garde art movements of the early twentieth century. Responding to the disasters of World War I and to an emerging modern media and machine culture, Dada artists led a creative revolution that boldly embraced and caustically criticized modernity itself. Proposing innovative strategies of art-making including collage, montage, assemblage, chance, “readymades,” performances and media pranks, the movement created an abiding artistic legacy for the century to come.

Dada was a defiantly international movement, relative to the pervasive nationalism of its day, and the first to self-consciously position itself as an expansive network crossing countries and continents. Born in neutral Zurich and New York, two cities that served as independent points of origin for the movement, Dada rapidly spread to Berlin, Cologne, Hannover, Paris and beyond. This exhibition surveys the many forms of Dada artistic production as developed in the movement’s six primary city centers between 1916 and 1924, and features over 400 works in a dynamic, multimedia display that includes films, paintings, photographs, printed matter, sound recordings, and three-dimensional objects. Among the nearly 50 artists represented are Hans Arp, Marcel Duchamp, Max Ernst, George Grosz, Raoul Hausmann, John Heartfield, Hannah Höch, Francis Picabia, Man Ray, Hans Richter, Kurt Schwitters, and Sophie Taeuber. The exhibition will be on view in The Joan and Preston Robert Tisch Gallery on the sixth floor.

This exhibition premiered at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. (February 19—May 14, 2006). A variation of the exhibition was shown at the Musée national d'art Moderne, Centre Pompidou, Paris, France (October 5, 2005—January 9, 2006).

Anne Umland was named Curator in the Department of Painting and Sculpture at The Museum of Modern Art in 2003. She holds a B.A. degree from Carleton College and an M.A. and Ph.D. from the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University. Ms. Umland served as Assistant Curator (1996–98) in the Department of Painting and Sculpture, followed by Associate Curator (1999–2002) and has organized a number of exhibitions for the Museum, including Alberto Giacometti (2001), Art is Arp (2000) and various Projects exhibitions. She was most recently co-organizer of the Museum’s inaugural installation of the Alfred H. Barr, Jr. Painting and Sculpture Galleries (2004).

PUBLICATIONS The exhibition catalogue for the United States venues is published by the National Gallery of Art, Washington, in association with D.A.P. (Distributed Art Publishers, Inc.), and includes essays by Leah Dickerman, Brigid Doherty, Dorothea Dietrich, Sabine T. Kriebel, Janine Mileaf, Michael R. Taylor, and Matthew S. Witkovsky. Paper: $40.00. Cloth: $65.00. The publication Looking at Dada, written by Sarah Ganz Blythe and Edward D. Powers, examines artworks featured in the Dada exhibition and is intended as an accessible introduction to Dada and its times. Published by The Museum of Modern Art. Dada in the Collection, a MoMA publication co-edited by Anne Umland and Adrian Sudhalter, features the Museum’s exceptional holdings of Dada works and will be released in 2007.

PROGRAMS A variety of Adult and Academic Programs will accompany the exhibition. A daylong symposium on Saturday, September 9, will feature international scholars considering the issues involved in “representing” Dada through texts, images, and objects, with a particular focus on the semantics of display. On Wednesday, July 19, silent Dada films with live musical accompaniment will be presented. Programs exploring Dada’s innovative experiments in poetry and performance will also be offered (dates to be announced).

FILM PROGRAM Nine silent films made by Dada artists including Marcel Duchamp, Man Ray, and Hans Richter, will be presented in Titus Theater 1 on Saturday, June 24, 3:00 p.m.; Sunday, June 25, 1:00 p.m.; and Friday, June 30, 7:00 p.m. Dada on Film is organized by Anne Morra, Assistant Curator, Department of Film and Media. The program will also be screened in July, August, and September (dates to be announced). SPONSORSHIP: The exhibition is made possible in part by the Sue & Edgar Wachenheim Foundation. Major support for the exhibition is provided by an indemnity from the Federal Council on the Arts and the Humanities. Additional funding is provided by Pro Helvetia, Arts Council of Switzerland.


Zurich, Berlin, Hannover, Cologne, New York, Paris
Organisation: National Gallery, Washington; Centre Pompidou, Paris
Zusammenarbeit: Museum of Modern Art, New York
Kurator MOMA: Anne Umland

mit Hans Arp, Marcel Duchamp, Suzanne Duchamp, Max Ernst, George Grosz, Raoul Hausmann, John Heartfield, Hannah Höch, Francis Picabia, Man Ray, Hans Richter, Kurt Schwitters, Sophie Taeuber-Arp ...

05.10.05 - 09.01.06 Centre Pompidou, Paris
19.02.06 - 14.05.06 National Gallery, Washington
18.06.06 - 11.09.06 Museum of Modern Art, New York