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On the occasion of start, a contemporary art event conceived and organized by 24 Milanese galleries that will open their exhibitions at the same time, A arte Studio Invernizzi gallery presents an exhibition of Dadamaino.

Large size works from 1979-1980 entitled I fatti della vita will be exhibited, which represent one of the basic moments of Dadamaino’s creative career. In her works, the artist concretizes on the canvas, through fine signs, sequential and varied, interrupted and spaced out, an exceeding and at the same time controlled throbbing: she actualizes an attentive and precise registration of the impenetrable “emersions” of thought and being, whose outcome is the image of a conscience’s self-legitimated language, that is at the same time individual, collective, and in continuous and inevitable becoming.

The works are characterized by the intermittence and fragmentation of the sequences of the same sign and by an explicit intention of a new and more dramatic relationship with the existence.

On the occasion of the exhibition, a bilingual catalogue will be published, including an introductory essay by Francesca Pola, the images of the works installed in the gallery, a poem by Carlo Invernizzi and bio-bibliographical notes.

Dadamaino belonged to the Azimuth environment with Enrico Castellani and Piero Manzoni by taking part in group exhibitions presented at Azimut Gallery. In 1962 she partecipates to the exhibition Nul at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam and she joins in the Nouvelle Tendance international movement.

In the 70s she realizes L’inconscio razionale and in 1978 she starts working to I fatti della vita which are exhibited in 1980 in her solo show at the Venice Biennale.

In 1983 the Padiglione d’Arte Contemporanea in Milan dedicates a solo exhibition to Dadamaino.

In 1990 she is invited to the Venice Biennale, presenting Il movimento delle cose.

In 1992 she exhibits at the Stiftung für konkrete Kunst in Reutlingen and in 1995 she is invited to the Zero Italien. Azimut/Azimuth 1959/60 show at the Galerie der Stadt di Esslingen.

In 1996 the Stiftung für konstruktive und konkrete Kunst in Zurich dedicates her a wide retrospectiveI and in the same year she begins the series Sein und Zeit that she presents in 1997 at the gallery A arte Studio Invernizzi. In 2000 the Museum Bochum presents a comprehensive monographic exhibition of Dadamaino.


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Kurator: Francesca Pola