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Tate Modern's most enjoyable, intelligent, original and stunning exhibition since Matisse Picasso – The Financial Times

For anyone who loves Dali's paintings - The Observer

You should see it at all costs - The Independent on Sunday

Don't miss Tate Modern's spectacular summer exhibition, featuring masterpieces by one of the world's best loved artists. The exhibition includes many of Salvador Dalí's greatest paintings, including the iconic melting watches of The Persistence of Memory and the flaccid head on stilts of Sleep. It also includes his classic films L'Age d'or and Un Chien andalou, made with fellow surrealist Luis Bunuel and featuring the infamous image of an eye being cut by a razor.

The exhibition shows how his paintings and drawings influenced his films, and how film influenced the cinematic scope of his canvases. Many of Dalí's most important paintings are on display, beautifully lit in Tate Modern's exhibition space and punctuated by six mini-cinemas showing his most revered films.

This exhibition presents this great artist at his best and in a light you have never seen before.

Exhibition organised by Tate Modern in collaboration with the FUNDACIÓ GALA-SALVADOR DALÍ.

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Dalí at Tate Modern
Salvador Dalí