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We are pleased to present the new work of U of Iowa MFA graduates, Dan Attoe and Jered Sprecher. The show is entitled New Space - figurative, abstract, and literal to refer to the opening of the new gallery location, and the way in which both artists handle the visual play of space.

Dan Attoe will show over 20 brand new paintings (he does one small painting a day), and several embroidered handmade tents. The figures and spaces portrayed in the paintings are both real and imaginary. He uses humor, mystery, and a skilled painterly technique to thematically explore popular culture, rural life and masculinity. A bird's eye view perspective is often employed, inviting the viewer into the story or game from above, a very peaceful place to observe from. The tents range in size from small to large, and from useful to not. All handmade, they have embroidered imagery, words and windows that relate to the overall themes in Attoe's work.

Jered Sprecher will show new paintings recently completed at his residency in the prestigious Marie Walsh Sharpe Space Program in New York. Making all abstract compositions, Sprecher is interested in "fragments in the midst of change, destruction, redefinition, and restoration". With constantly evolving sources, Sprecher is adept at pushing his own theoretic envelope with intellectual and physical rigor. The viewer is called upon to appreciate the aesthetic beauty in these compositions of serial order mixed with a variety of painterly marks. Pressetext

Dan Attoe paintings and tents

Jered Sprecher paintings

Ort: New Space (figurative, abstract, and literal)