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Dan Perjovschi unframed

Romanian artist Dan Perjovschi carries a pen and sketchbook everywhere he goes. Observations on media, politics, the art world and everyday routines made on the road are transformed into drawing installations Perjovschi has created around the world.

The roots of Perjovschi’s political art are in the social changes in his homeland in recent decades. After the collapse of Nicolae Ceauçescu’s dictatorship at the turn of the 1990s, Perjovschi, a painter at the time, began to draw political cartoons for weekly magazines. Over the years, Perjovschi has built up a veritable archive of motifs that he recycles from one exhibition to the next. Among them he inserts pictures that comment on topical events and the venue in question.

Consisting of over 300 framed drawings, Repertoire – A Five Year Plan (2006–2010) is now on exhibit for the first time. It is a document of Perjovschi’s earlier installations. He sent five drawings from each of his exhibitions to Van Abbemuseum in the Netherlands.

HIAP Talks with Dan Perjovschi in Kiasma Theatre, Thursday, February 7 will start at 5 pm. The talk is organized by HIAP (Helsinki International Artists Programme) in co-operation with Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma and Kiasma Theatre.

Dan Perjovschi was born in 1961 in Sibiu, Romania. He lives and works in Bucharest. The exhibition at Kiasma is Perjovschi’s first appearance in Finland.

Curator Jari-Pekka Vanhala

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Dan Perjovschi
Kuratorin: Jari-Pekka Vanhala