press release

Danica Barboza - Advanced Pair Bonding
18.01. – 15.03.2020
Opening: 17.01.2020 | 6 - 9pm

In Advanced Pair Bonding, Danica Barboza’s (*1988, New York, USA) first institutional solo exhibition, the relationship between the artist and her muse, the international icon David Bowie, takes central focus. Over the past two decades, the androgynous singer has become the pivotal subject of Barboza’s practice as the central protagonist of her highly personal, autobiographical Artistic Mythology.

Upon the plateau of a room-size indoor bassin, life-sized sculptures of clay, papier-mâché and wood fuse the faces of Bowie and Barboza into fragmented chimeras. A running countdown on a digital display submerged in the pool and the sensual element of water become symbols of the coveted union. Bringing together alter-like sculptures, elements of arranged hyper-realism, ready-made objects and portraiture, Barboza's tableau alludes to human loss and psychological fragmentation in our contemporary popular culture. Through the dualistic visual values of the installation – its rough materiality and highly staged aesthetic articulation – the subject of ‘bond’ and intimacy itself is cradled, withheld, sentimentally projected, and fragmented.
– Danica Barboza