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bitforms gallery is pleased to announce its second solo exhibition with New York-based artist Daniel Rozin. This exhibition presents his latest explorations using the mirror and is accompanied by a 20-page color catalog published by the gallery. The work will travel to bitforms gallery’s new exhibition space in Seoul, Korea January 2006.

For more than a decade Daniel Rozin has been creating interactive sculptures from a wide range of materials including shiny chrome spheres, flat wood panels, computer software, and city trash from the streets of New York. As an industrial designer by training, Rozin creates interactive objects with ingenious craftsmanship. Some of his pieces employ hundreds of tiny motors, despite the fact that technology in his work usually remains invisible.

This show marks the debut of Rozin’s Circles Mirror, a black and white kinetic collage of more than 800 laminated prints. Motion-sensitive concentric patterns create dazzling gradients of grey that wear the stamp of 1960s Op Art. The mirrored image produced in this work is activated by software authored by Rozin that processes video signals and breaks up imagery geometrically, seemingly pixel by pixel.

Software art that links screen-based performance with real-time video processing has been the focus of Rozin’s efforts since the mid-1990s. In the exhibition are four software mirrors from Rozin’s Time series, which speak about the influence of experience on perception. Each of the four mirrors employs a different algorithm that fuses visuals of the immediate past with actions from the present. All displayed on separate LCD screens, Time Scan, Time Ripples, Hourglass and Shaking Time float visual moments into a rich matrix of time. Stunning textures result with Shaking Time, in which color video motion flakes off layers of static black and white imagery from a time-delayed past. Mirrored information filters effortlessly, and ripples continuously with a dance of renewal. Also in the exhibition is Self-Centered Mirror, a ten-foot arrangement of 34 vertical mirrored panes, which physically illustrates the narcissistic gaze that is usually associated with mirrored reflection.


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