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This subversive and experimental miniature art fair will take place without the use of natural or electric light. An international selection of galleries and artists will display work custom to these conditions, using candlelight, flashlights, oil lamps, work that glows in the dark, light sculpture, battery powered film and video, and unplugged performances. In this cavernous underworld of exchange, visitors will experience art in completely new ways: featuring shadowy bar booths, dimly lit VIP chill-out zones, peddle-powered film projectors and gramophone DJ's.

Dark Fair participants include: Air de Paris, Paris Angstrom Gallery, Dallas/Los Angeles B'LING, New York Galerie Guido W. Baudach, Berlin Marianne Boesky, New York Gavin Brown's Enterprise, New York CANADA, New York China Art Objects, Los Angeles Club Nutz/General Store, Milwaukee Zach Feuer, New York Frieze International, London James Fuentes, New York Golden Age, Chicago Green Gallery, Milwaukee Jack Hanley Gallery, San Francisco/New York INOVA, Milwaukee KS Art, New York Karma International, Zurich Leo Koenig inc, New York Maureen Paley, London Galerie Micky Schubert, Berlin Oooga Booga, Los Angeles Other Gallery, Winnipeg Art Since the Summer of 69, Stravanger/Berlin PictureBox, Brooklyn Espacio Provisional, Havana/Miami The Suburban, Oak Park The Grey Ghost Press United Bamboo White Columns, New York Willy Wonka, Oslo Hiromi Yoshii, Tokyo

In addition to custom booths there will be space available for individual artist projects, screenings, and performances including an indoor sculpture garden.

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Dark Fair