press release

The Secret Life of Things.

In times in which our world becomes more and more digital, immediate engagement with real, sensually perceptual things has come to be highly interesting for young artists. They discover qualities and stories within everyday objects, one might not recognize at first sight. They change these seemingly banal objects – be it by shifting their familiar context or by slightly modifying their outer appearance – and by doing so, create new, humorous scenes: Suddenly a cup of tea stirs itself, a saw saws itself or ordinary branches turn into magic wands. But beyond being funny, these artworks tell something about our relation towards “thing-worlds“. Unconsciously, we exchange with everyday items. Although they are lifeless materials, we are willing to give them names, fill them with memories and emotions and attribute certain characteristics to them. The exhibition shows selected works by eleven artists that trace the tactile, visual or auditory qualities of our everyday world. All of them want to motivate visitors to think about the ordinary and to seek for the magical within the ordinary.