press release

The Künstlerhaus Bremen is very pleased to announce the group exhibition Das Loch. Although the hole as an entity is difficult to grasp, holes are nonetheless ubiquitous in our environment. They appear both as disturbances as well as tools that allow connections to be made: holes can both enable or impede visibility, just as they can serve a functional role (consider the hole puncher, for example, or punch card technology) or cause a rupture of functionality, for instance when there is a hole in a bucket.
This group exhibition aims to highlight the hole’s unexpected ubiquity as well as its ambiguity by combining artistic works with archival material drawn from historical collections including the German Museum of Technology in Berlin and the Archiv Marzona. Instead of presenting a chronology of historical development, however, the resulting dialogue aims to open an associative line of inquiry into the nature of the hole’s paradoxical material absence.
The exhibition is curated by Sasha Rossman and Fanny Gonella in cooperation with Gergana Todorova.
It would be a pleasure to see you!   Die Ausstellung wird gefördert durch: