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More than 110 works of the English artist, David Tremlett (1945), will be presented at Luigi Pecci Center. After the Grenoble Museum, this Retrospective show enabling visitors to discover thirty five years of coherent artistic practice and special creation of several new wall drawings for the exhibition venue.

Without the explicite desire to be associated with any precise artistic category, the Tremlett’s works presents an atypic approach of the contemporary art.

Student at the Royal College of Art in London, he had a classic art education overly serious, not to say stifling environment, which urges him early to travel round the world. Certainly, this “nomadic” formation is more important to understand Tremlett art expression. His first works were conceptual in character matching the spirit of the times. After he covered Australia, Malawi, Zanzibar, Texas, New Zealand and Alaska only with paper, pencil and camera he created linear drawings associated to words, photographs and signs which revolved suprising fragments of a reality.

Finally, in 1978 he was offered an opportunity to “decorate” the outside wall of a bar in Malawi that he produced his first “wall drawing”. This approach defined his own means of expression. Pastel (natural pigments) is applied directly by hand on a large surface giving a new dimension to the wall. In fact, Tremlett’s works are not static pictures but “sculpture areas”. Alliance among Early Art, places and technique. These works offer a borderline between two different worlds, the artist’s one and the places’one. Like a perpetual auto-referential dialogue the artist creates “site specific” with a constant renewal in his approach to spaces.

Tremlett permanent walls could be seen in all Europa, from United Kingdom to Italy. Thanks to the loans from many European collectors, foreign institutions as well as works from the artist’s studio, the Prato exhibition illustrate the wealth and originality of the path David Tremlett has trodden. In addition, it will include abundant documentation to do with David Tremlett’s parallel activities (artist’s books, photographs, films, publications…)

Catalogue: David Tremlett, retrospettiva 1969-2006, Italian/English version, Actes Sud


David Tremlett
1969-2006 Retrospective