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Delia Brown’s work is concerned with artifice. Through the agency of her drawings, watercolors, and paintings…, Brown creates what might be thought of as “plausible fictions.” Central to these fictive scenarios is the presence of the artist herself…Self-consciously engaged with the superficial, Brown’s works might perhaps be best understood as a commentary on the nature of superficiality itself. – Matthew Higgs

“All Access Atelier” organized by D’Amelio Terras Gallery at Galerie Emmanu, 5 rue Louise Weiss will be Delia Brown’s debut solo exhibition in Paris. Merging performance and painting, Brown will turn the gallery space into a fully functional live painting studio, where she will be working on a series of oil paintings throughout each day of the exhibition. The scenes for these canvases will be based on the 1968 Claude Chabrol film "Les Biches" which tells the story of a struggling young would-be painter and her seduction into the arms, and lifestyle, of a sophisticated yet bohemian heiress. Brown will be working from live models in constructed interiors, so that visitors to the gallery-turned-atelier will be privy to the private relationship between artist and models, creative impulse and technical realization. Demystifying the mythologized and solitary space of the artist’s studio, Brown makes accessible each stage of the painter’s practice.


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D´Amelio Terras Gallery, New York at Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin, Paris