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Ein Multi-Media-Projekt, entwickelt im Rahmen des Artist-in-Residence-Programms der Neuen Galerie Graz

"Mors tua vita mea - dying you give me life" is a multimedia project which meditates on the spaces of contemporary warfare and their relationship to male sacrifice. The project comprises a video installation and an interactive web site. It investigates war as a critical site where masculine identity is forged, a site which seeks to make the male body by unmaking it. It does so by using 16-18th century armour from the Landeszeughaus Arsenal, Graz, Austria, as a narrative framework. This framework operates on two distinct levels, the classical and the contemporary:

a) The classical - using recordings from the Landeszeughaus Arsenal the project counterposes the fantasy of war as the site of a spiritual transcendence as opposed to the deathly corporeality of war. Where the traditional culture of masculinity presents war as a site of masculinity's true realisation, the armour of war evokes the ubiquitous destruction of this sexuality on the battlefield.

b) The contemporary - using original recordings of contemporary war which evoke the sculpting of the body on the battlefield the project counterposes the fixated mass-media image of war with the unformed memories of a developing human foetus. Where the contemporary culture of nationhood presents war as a necessary rite of passage, the current mass outbreaks of genocide suggest the nihlistic collapse of kinship and community.

Dennis del Favero Pressetext

Dennis Del Favero & Tony MacGregor. Dein Tod gibt mir Leben
In Kooperation mit John Curtin Gallery - Curtin University of Technology, Perth / Australien und ZKM, Karlsruhe
Landeszeughaus: Videoinstallation
Neue Galerie: Video

Teil 1: Benedictus
Teil 2: Ave Maria