press release

Michael Müller continues his extensive search for what art is or can be in the space of Galerie Thomas Schulte with the group exhibition, "Der Kubist Marcel Duchamp mag nicht malen". Once again, this twelfth part of the exhibition cycle revolves around the year 1913 in which Robert Musil's novel "The Man without Qualities" is set. This was the very year, in which Duchamp created his first Readymade – and, thus, set a revolutionary milestone in art history, while at the same time he received much critical acclaim for his early Cubist paintings.

For his show, Michael Müller gathers contributions from contemporary artists and culturally involved individuals, who deal with this historic moment in art to create works specifically for the exhibition. Such diverse positions as the paintings of Michael Kunze or Friederike Feldmann hereby meet the conceptual interventions of Luis Camnitzer and Karin Sander. Jochen Dehn's installation encounters the contribution of the collector-artist, Wilhelm Schürmann or the works of the curators Ellen Blumenstein and Lukas Töpfer. Also participating: Athanasios Argianas, Wolfgang Betke, Angela de la Cruz, Martin Dammann, Ryan Gander, Young Hay, Bethan Huws, Vlado Martek, Ray K. Metzker, David Schutter, Nedko Solakov, and Raphael Zarka.

On Wednesday, September 17, in context of the abc art berlin contemporary, a reception will be hosted from 6 – 10 pm, including a performance by Jochen Dehn. Throughout the runtime of the exhibition, an opening speech by Ellen Blumenstein can be seen and heard daily at 6 pm.