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press release

Visual and performance artist Derrick Adams presents the premiere of Go Stand Next To The Mountain, a suite of live performances exploring the complex relationships between man and monuments.  With an original music score and a live DJ set as the soundtrack, the evening evolves through masquerade, dance, sound, video projection, and sculptural installation, incorporating divergent pop culture references, ranging from 1970s educational television to the film Clash of the Titans to Jimi Hendrix’s "Voodoo Child" lyrics.   Narcissister creates absurd and playful, neo-burlesque vignettes exploring the relationships among race, gender, and sexuality. For This Masquerade, she debuts a new series of perfomances alongside her cast of masked cohorts to offer up a complex and riotous critique of popular culture’s spurious ideas about black femininity.

Derrick Adams: Go Stand Next To The Mountain

Narcissister: This Masquerade
Kurator: Rashida Bumbray