press release

exhibition venue: Museum of Cycladic Art

The DESTE Foundation is happy to announce that the exhibition of the DESTE Prize 2015 will take place between May 28, 2015 and September 30, 2015 at the Museum of Cycladic Art, Athens.

The DESTE Prize was established in 1999 as part of the DESTE Foundation’s policy of supporting and promoting contemporary art in Greece. Awarded biannually to a young Greek artist, the Prize aims to identify and showcase the work of an emerging generation of contemporary Greek artists who are actively redefining the parameters of cultural production and contributing to new issues in the artistic discourse. Through the Prize, the Foundation hopes to endorse the spirit of exploration, ingenuity, and ambition, which is essential to DESTE’s mission as well as to the vitality of contemporary art.

Since 2009, the DESTE Foundation has been collaborating with the Museum of Cycladic Art where an biannual exhibition of artworks by those shortlisted for the DESTE Prize is hosted. This collaboration between the two art institutions has become an integral part of the Museum’s Young Views program, which aims to develop artistic discussion with younger generations, inform the general public about contemporary art, and establish the necessary environment for the fruitful exchange of ideas.

The shortlisted artists of this year’s Prize will be announced in the end of January 2015