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Germany is not an Island
Acquisitions 2012–2016
March 8–May 27, 2018

The Contemporary Art Collection of the Federal Republic of Germany seeks to document the development and spectrum of artistic endeavour in Germany. Although there is no permanent exhibition space to house the collection, it is online accessible to the general public through a comprehensive database. The works are on loan to public institutions, ministries, embassies, the Federal Chancellery as well as numerous museums.

Over the years, the Bundeskunsthalle has mounted several presentations of works from the Federal Collection, amongst this Visit in 2008 and, most recently, Only Here in 2013. The current new exhibition presents works purchased by the acquisitions committee over the course of the last five years and includes works by a number of renowned young artists. Fundamental questions and ideas such as political and social relevance, aesthetics and media reflexivity have been of primary importance to the curatorial concept of this exhibition. Germany is not an Island testifies to the high standard of the Federal Collection and shows how the artists’ personal experiences, historical developments, collective viewing habits and societal norms and values translate into cutting-edge contemporary art.

The selection of works reflects a wide range of media and techniques that distinguish contemporary artistic practice and ranges from large-scale installations to drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, video and sound works.

Featured artists:
Ackermann, Adéagbo, Ademeit, Afif, Aladağ, Attia, Baer, Baghramian, Barba, Binschtok, Bool, Braun, Büttner, Canell, Chachkhiani, Clegg & Guttmann, Cramer, Czech, Czerlitzki, Dacey, Denny, Djordjaze, Drescher, Durham, Eberle, Evers, Feifel, Floyer, Fock, Genzken, Gordon, Gröting, Halilaj, Haliti, Hassani, Herold, Holzapfel, Hultén, Imhof, Kelm, Knorr, Koberstädt, Koether, Krause, Kwade, Lidén, Maas, Majewski, Mančuška, Markowitsch, Melián, Mroué, Müller, Nicolai, Ogboh, Olesen, Pfrommer, Plöger, Posenenske, Pousttchi, Roggan, Sauer, Schaffer, Sierra, Si-Qin, Sonntag, Staack, Stewen, Steyerl, Uriarte, Van Eeden, Van Lieshout, Voss, Wieser, Wittenburg, Wolf-Rehfeldt, Yang, Zielony, Zink Yi, Zinny/Maidagan, Zipp

An exhibition of the Bundeskunsthalle in cooperation with the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media

Curator: Susanne Kleine
Director: Rein Wolfs
Managing Director: Patrick Schmeing
Head of Corporate Communications/Press Officer: Sven Bergmann