press release


On the occasion of the Notte Bianca Firenze 2013, the Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi presents a new work by Italian artist Federico Gori, Di fragilità e potenza (On Fragility and Power). This installation focuses on a large suspended tree, a cork oak over seven metres tall, rising in the courtyard. Around it, the artist has created a sculptural composition consisting of sheets of copper on whose surfaces he captures the impressions of leaves, branches and bark.

Gori creates a minimal yet highly symbolic landscape that prompts us to reflect on the relationship between man and nature. His work of art is a poetic meditation on two poles: strength and power, pitted against delicacy and fragility. The artist creates a new configuration of Palazzo Strozzi’s space, achieving a radical and poetic transformation of the visitor’s perception of this area.

This work is the new contribution to a series of site-specific installations and works of open-air contemporary art designed to allow contemporary art to dialogue with history and with the harmony of Renaissance architecture.

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