press release

For their exhibition in Helsinki, Dias&Riedweg were invited by Kiasma to realise a new work, entitled as "Throw". The new video installation focuses on the act of demonstrating as a way of influencing different social, political and individual subjective matters. People on the streets of Helsinki were asked to show the very act of demonstrating by throwing different objects towards the camera. These videos were edited to archive material of the historical demonstrations in Helsinki throughout the 20th century. The piece is now projected in large scale on the glass facade of the Kiasma, facing the National Parliament of Finland, exactly in the site where most of these demonstrations have taken place until the construction of the museum in the 90s.

This exhibition offers the most comprehensive panorama of the production of the artist duo Dias & Riedweg up to now, consisting of eight video installations realised between1994-2004; the screening of a programming containing three one-channel videos; the screening of the documentary video "Mau Wal - Translated Meetings" launched by The Video Brasil Festival; a new series of photographs; and the premiere of "Throw", the commissioned piece for Kiasma.


Dias & Riedweg - Possibly Talking about the Same
Kuratoren: Roland Groenenboom, in Zusammenarbeit mit Catherine David
Wanderausstellung Organisation: MACBA - Museu d´Art Contemporani, Barcelona