press release

DIE  WELT  ALS   LABYRINTH                28.02.2018 – 06.05.2018 

Letterism, Letterist International, Second Letterist International, Movement for an Imaginist Bauhaus, Experimental Laboratory of Alba, London Psychogeographical Association, Situationist International, Situationist Times, SPUR

The exhibition has been organized by a curatorial committee including John Armleder, Gérard Berreby, Paul Bernard, Lionel Bovier, Alexandra Catana Tucknott, Julien Fronsacq and Mai-Thu Perret, and placed under Paul Bernard’s general curatorship. It has also benefitted from the scholarly advice of Luca Bochicchio, Nina Zimmer, Lucas Haberkorn, Jacopo Galimberti, Liliana Dematteis, Natalie Seroussi, Lionel Spiess, Jacqueline de Jong, Patrick Marcolini, Barbara Wolman, Swana Pilhatsch, Arno Morenz, and Ursula Lehman Brockaus