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Diet Sayler is one of the major exponents of the Constructive-Concrete art. His is a groundbreaking contribution to the geometric abstraction of recent decades. The present exhibition is a part of a retrospective covering work from the early I 960s to the late I990s. The exhibition will be shown in several museums successively. The >>world premiere< will be inaugurated by the Wilhelm-Hock-Museum in Ludwigshafen. From there the exhibition will travel to the Muzeul National de Arta in Bucharest and then on to the Ceské Muzeum Výtvarných Umeni, Prague. It will finally be shown in England at Kettle's Yard, Cambridge University with a simultaneous installation in Ely Cathedral.

The work of Diet Sayler, who was born in 1 939 at Timisoara, Romania, and now lives in Nuremberg, is grounded on the pictorial idiom of geometry: the line, the right angle and the precisely defined surface form as well as a clear and deliberately reduced palette. Diet Sayler does indeed follow self-prescribed rules of construction, which determine the composition of each work. However, his compositions are certainly not predetermined by systematic calculation. To classify Diet Sayler as a >>mathematician< who subscribes to stringent rationalism would mean doing him an injustice. On the contrary, he goes his own way, combining a mathematical way of thinking with aleatory forming principles. He establishes his own parameters for his compositions, that is, he develops basic configurations, which he calls >>Basic Elements< constantly varying them as discrete and isolated forms or within the framework of a motif or pictorial sequence or even in the context of an installation that infringes on space. His rules of composition bear the stamp both of mathematical considerations and a random generator (for instance the throwing of dice). Thus thinking and feeling, objectivity and subjectivity are perfectly counterbalanced in Sayler's work.

Catalogue available with texts by Vera Molnar, Lida von Mengden, Dora Maurer, Jan Andrew Nilsen, Waldo Balart, Nathan Cohen, Paul Brand, Ward Jackson, Mel Gooding, Joachim Heusinger von Waldegg, Paul Gherasim, 248p, 152 colour plates and 17 white/black plates.


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Diet Sayler