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The exhibition Differenza e ripetizione (the name is taken from the philosopher Gilles Deleuze’s book “Difference and Repetition”) focuses on a fundamental theme: the concept of difference and its relationship with identity and repetition. It also explores the possibility of combining - through art - the intimate, private sphere with collective and external experience. Narration plays an important role and becomes a spur to artistic creativity on several different levels. Indeed, the experience of conceptual art has accustomed us to a predominantly philosophical and scientific approach to the work of art. Natalie Czech (born in 1976 in Neuss, Germany, lives and works in Berlin) works in close connection with the classic works of contemporary poetry, redefining and paying homage to them through the use of photography and installation. She has exhibited at institutions and galleries in Europe and worldwide, most recently at the Sprengel Museum in Hannover, the Nassauischer Kunstverein in Wiesbaden, the Kunsteverein in Düsseldorf, and at Jennifer Chert’s gallery in Berlin (sei sicura che Lia vuole mettere questa galleria?). A solo show is planned for next spring at Ludlow 38 in New York. The work of Jan Peter Hammer (born in 1970 in Kirchheim unter Teck, Germany, lives and works in Berlin) revolves around the link between poetry and literature and reflections on the structures and superstructures which can be traced back to political, economic and financial power. “Il banchiere anarchico” (the anarchic banker)– the video on display – is a work that offers a reinterpretation, through fiction, of current events by readapting, together with the writer Ana Teixeira Pinto, the famous novella of the same name published by Fernando Pessoa in 1922. Jan Peter Hammer has exhibited at the Kadist Foundation in San Francisco, the Centre d'Art Contemporaine in Geneva, the Rotterdam Film Festival, theAustrian Cultural Forum in New York, and at Supportico Lopez in Berlin. This spring he will present his new film “Monarchs and men” at the Fondazione Nomas in Rome. Rob Johannesma (born in 1970 in Geleen, Holland, lives and works in Amsterdam) works mainly on large photographic collages in which he combines material linked to information: pages of newspapers and large images linked to the history of painting, in particular Flemish painting. His reflections analyse - on various, complex levels - the structure and depth of the image and communication linked to it. He has exhibited at the Stedelijk Bureau in Amsterdam, the Museo Marino Marini in Florence, the De Vleeshal Centre in Middelburg, and at the Ar/Ge Kunst Galerie Museum in Bolzano. Hendrik Krawen (born in 1963 in Lübeck, lives and works in Berlin) combines graphics and realistic images. Using drawing and painting, his work involves looking at everyday symbols, signs and works of architecture but also at the music, graphic design and the universe related to it. His work has been exhibited at the Sprüth Magers Projekte in Munich, the Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich, the Sammlung Falckenberg in Hamburg, the Kerstin Engholm Gallery in Vienna, and on several occasions at the Lia Rumma Gallery in Naples and Milan. In the work of Alek O. (born in 1981 in Buenos Aires, lives and works in London), sculptural material plays the leading role due to the “biography” linked to the person who has used or owned it; it is a conceptual exercise of the memory that involves a potential mapping of existence. His works have recently been on display at the Castle of Rivoli, the Vela gallery in London, the Fondation Cartier in Paris, and at Palazzo Reale in Milan for the Ariane De Rothschild prize.

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Differenza e Ripetizione
Kurator: Gigiotto Del Vecchio

Künstler: Natalie Czech, Jan Hammer, Rob Johannesma, Hendrik Krawen, Alek O.