press release

___iPhone elbow____
Infinite scrolling____Phygital
Facial puppetry_Swype__
__Street view___

__BiometricsMachine learning____
____Google translate
Filter bubble___
eSportsi-Frame destruction____
Super-hybridity____DatamoshBrain-machine interfaceVideoglitch_
_Facial recognition__
#Additivism____Content-Aware Fill____Fake news

This could be an example of AI generated concrete poetry, or how digitalization appears in the augmented reality of our everyday lives. The interface between cloud and body, hardware and soul.

Kah Bee Chow
Two furry robotic vacuum cleaners perform an intricate choreography – part household chores, part improvised couple dancing – in an algorithmic balance between technical aid and pet-like behavior.

Andreas Kurtsson
A fictionalized travel journal from a trip to Facebook’s semi-secret datacenter in Luleå. High technology and primeval forest live side by side in two parallel feeds.

Alexandra Lerman
The patented and copyrighted system of Apple Inc.’s and Google LLC’s touchscreen gestures as raw material. The contemporary body language of “pinches”, “scrolls” and “slides” shared by everyone, everywhere, everyday.

Adriana Ramić
Ant pathways are traced onto a Swype keyboard which interprets fingertip swipes into text in any of the 71 languages supported by its patented technology. The effects of technology on human language seen through insect behavior.